Yves Netzhammer

    When developing an expressive vocabulary of forms for use in his films and installations, Yves Netzhammer always starts his search by drawing. “The mental theaters”—to use Konrad Tobler’s term—to be found in his works can thus be read as a continuation of drawing by other means. In the show vaults of the Museum Rietberg, this mental theater comes face to face with a diversity of worlds and artifacts, which Netzhammer engages in a dialogue with worlds of his own invention.


    Yves Netzhammer
    Die Gegenwart sucht ihren Mund in der Spiegelung der Suppe
    35 Projektionen, Objekte aus Holz und Textil
    3,5 x 26 x 24 m
    Courtesy der Künstler und Christinger De Mayo, Zürich
    Installationsansicht, Museum Rietberg Zürich
    © Photo: Iren Sarwa

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