pulp.noir combine theater, music, and art. The space built with light, video, and sound at the Museum Rietberg is a space for all the senses—an opportunity to surf reality, as it were. The protagonists are Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. In posture as in grace, all these figures are redolent of a new departure. The valedictory mood of the piece waxes futuristic at times, just as the title “Beam me up” promises. In Indian culture, the talk would probably have been of transformation.


    Beam me up
    Objekte aus der Sammlung Museum
    Rietberg, A/V Equipment, Soundtrack,
    Video, Licht
    3,9 x 8,2 x 8,8 m
    Installationsansicht, Museum Rietberg Zürich
    Photography: Martin Stollenwerk

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