Nives Widauer

    Many, though not all, of Nives Widauer’s poetic works have to do with the medium of video. The three sculptures shown in this exhibition are found figures furnished with additional elements that transport them into a quasi-cosmological imaginary world and in doing so raise questions about what binds us and separates us, culturally speaking. The video cassette cast in bronze comes across as almost archaeological and references a mature oeuvre.

    In the museum’s new building she presents a tent constructed from the sleeves in which the negatives of Hans Himmelheber’s documentary photographs were stored for years. Inside this semi-transparent abode, an image axis traces the history of Museum Rietberg and its exhibitions, highlighting how we perceive the phenomenon of the mask. Past Patterns (tentazione) is the result of a collaboration with the staff of the Museum Rietberg archive.

    Nives Widauer
    Past Pattern II (Tentaction)
    Video, Negativhüllen, Holzmaske
    2,5 x 2,5 x 3 m
    Courtesy die Künstlerin und Semina Rerum, Zürich
    Installationsansicht, Museum Rietberg Zürich
    Nives Widauer
    Photography: Nives Widauer

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