Mai-Thu Perret with Ligia Dias

    Two artistic strategies that have an important role to play in the work of Mai-Thu Perret are adaptation and approbation. Her life-size figure “Heroine of the People (Revolutionary)”, which she created in 2005 in collaboration with Ligia Dias, belongs to a group of works on the subject of grieving. Standing among sculptures of the Buddha from Japan, her meditating, faceless figure with a noose around its neck is recontextualized just as the artist intended.

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    Mai-Thu Perret
    Heroine of the People (Revolutionary)
    Draht, Papiermaché, Acrylfarbe, Gouache, Perücke, Wollkostüm, Sisalschnur
    90 x 85 x 85 cm
    Sammlung Kunsthaus Zürich, Vereinigung Zürcher Kunstfreunde, Gruppe Junge Kunst, Zürich
    Installationsansicht, Museum Rietberg Zürich
    Photography: Rainer Wolfsberger

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