Things foreign or unfamiliar unsettle us, it seems. Current discourse is dominated by two themes: art in the public space and mass immigration. Yet exotic tourist destinations and Buddhas as household décor are no longer anything out of the ordinary. Twenty-one Swiss artists enter into a dialogue with works of art from distant lands belonging to the Rietberg collection. In their works—site-specific installations, interventions in the park, performance, theater, literature — they reflect on faraway times and places. How do we engage with the cult of the object in museums? What does it mean to exhibit religious art in a secular museum? Do we really understand the criteria underlying works of art made by people on the other side of the globe 2000 years ago? Can we really appreciate the works preserved in the Museum Rietberg for anything other than their exotic aesthetic? These are questions of existential relevance to any public museum. And what do they mean for the future of the museum? Our guests will be looking for answers.



Gasträume LogoThe installations of this exhibition, which are set in the park, are part of «Gasträume 2014».

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The internet magazine ZOLLFREILAGER of the Platform for Publishing Studies at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is to go live on July 7. Its reports, reflections, and works in experimental formats will set out to shed light on phenomena relating to art, culture, and migration.The contributors will include students in the ZHdK’s Publishing Studies master’s program together with a network of correspondents, collaborators, and accomplices from all continents and all disciplines.

ZOLLFREILAGER will produce material of its own under its own headings, but at the same time intends to cooperate with selected partners as an “observatory of cultural migration”.The first such project will be “Gastspiel im Gastspiel”,in the course of which the ZOLLFREILAGER will reflect on, and render legible, the encounters between contemporary art and the non-European art in the Rietberg’s own collection both before and during the exhibition.

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