Book of the exhibition

«Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd – Schweizer Gegenwartskunst im Museum Rietberg»

Edition Patrick Frey and Museum Rietberg publish a book accompanying the exhibition, “Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd” (The stranger is only a stranger in a strange land), in which the dialogue begun in the exhibition will continue to operate independently. The artists of the exhibition create an insert in the style of an artist’s book, supplemented by photographs of their work. Each project is discussed both by a curator of contemporary art and a curator of the Museum Rietberg  – a new dialogue on an art historical level.

Published by Damian Christinger/Museum Rietberg, Edition Patrick Frey
ca. CHF 48 resp. 38 Euro plus Postage
ca. 136 Pages, with inserts of all artists involved
ISBN 978-3-905929-55-3

Deliverable from 19 September 2014


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